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The Hundred Languages Of Children

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<h1 class="style7">Features of The Hundred Languages of Children</h1>
<h3 class="style8">Book            Reviews of The Hundred Languages of Children: The Reggio Emilia Experience in Transformation </h3>
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101 Learning And Development Tools

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<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}--></style><h1 class=\"style7\">Features of 101 Learning and Development Tools: Essential Techniques for Creating, Delivering and Managing Effective Training</h1><ul> <li> A description of the tool</li> <li> Cross-references to help you identify alternative</li> <li> Analysis or related tools for further study or investigation</li> <li> Resources needed</li> <li> Cost implications</li> <li>101 Learning and Development Tools is the indispensable, all-in-one-volume reference book for both professionals in the field and students learning about the subject.</li> <li>Kenneth Fee has worked in the learning and development field for over 25 years. </li> <li>He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as well as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.</li> <li> He is the author of A Guide to Management Development Techniques and Delivering E-Learning (both published by Kogan Page).</li> <li> Kenneth has been blogging on the subjects of learning and development since 2007 on his learn for ever blog. Blog spot.</li></ul>

Professional Journalism

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<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><h1 class=\"style7\">Features of Professional Journalism</h1><ul> <li class=\"style8\">There are not many books in India that can serve as useful guides to the practicing journalist.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Nor are there adequate textbooks on professional journalism that meet the exact requirements of the Indian students. </li> <li class=\"style8\">It is this lacuna that M.V. Kamath one of the most prominent Indian Journalists, has tried to fill. </li> <li class=\"style8\">This is a book on Indian Journalism for Indian Journalists citing examples of Indian writers, Kamath quotes profusely from the writings, Kamath quotes profusely from the writings of Indian editors to illustrate his ideas which considerably adds to the relevance of his work.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> The author has devoted a special chapter to English grammar; ignorance of which he says is becoming increasingly noticeable. </li> <li class=\"style8\">He has much to say about Indianism a phenomenon of recent origin. Is there such a thing as Indian English? How should this be viewed in the context of contemporary Indian journalism? </li> <li class=\"style8\">This book sets out to provide some answers, Kamath also drew upon his varied experience as a foreign correspondent to outline some of the problems he had to face in that capacity and how he solved them.&quot; </li></ul>

Book- Counselling And Guidance

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Offer Price : 460
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<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><h1 class=\"style7\">Features of Counselling and Guidance</h1><ul> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 1 Emergence and growth of guidance and counselling</li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 2 Counselling: Nature, related fields and scope<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 3 Counselling and guidance: Expectations, goals, issues, ethics and legalities</li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 4 Education and training of professional counsellors<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Part II: Counselling Process and Techniques<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 5 Counselling: The process, relationship and skills<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 6 Assessment in counselling: Psychological testing and diagnosis<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 7 Counselling interview<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Part III: Theoretical Approaches to Counselling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 8 Approaches to counselling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 9 The individual versus group methods of counselling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Part IV: Counselling Applications<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 10 Counselling across human life-span: A mental-health perspective<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 11 Guidance and counselling in the educational setting<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 12 Career guidance and counselling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 13 Counselling for family and marriage<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 14 Special areas in counselling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Part V: Present Status of Coun selling and Guidance<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 15 Evaluation in counselling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 16 Modern trends in counse lling<br /> </li> <li class=\"style8\">Chapter 17 The status of the guidance and counselling movement in India</li></ul>

Book- Managing Soft Skills For Personality Development

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Features of Managing Soft Skills for Personality Development
Soft Skill Development: An Introductory Overview 
Self-Discovery and Goal Setting 
Belief, Values, Attitude and Virtue 
Positive Thinking and Attitude 
Interpersonal Relations and Communications 
Public Speaking 
Group Discussion: Honing the Decision-Making Skill 
Body Language 
Teamwork and Leadership Quality 
Towards an Effective Interview: Getting The Best of Both Worlds 
Etiquette and Manners 
Time Management 
Personality Development 
Conflict and Conflict Management 
Stress Management 
Developing Emotional Intelligence

Teach Like A Champion

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Shiiping Charge : 50
<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><h1 class=\"style7\">Features of Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College</h1><p class=\"style8\">Teach Like a Champion offers effective teaching techniques to help teachers, especially those in their first few years, become champions in the classroom. These powerful techniques are concrete, specific, and are easy to put into action the very next day. Training activities at the end of each chapter help the reader further their understanding through reflection and application of the ideas to their own practice.</p><p class=\"style8\">Among the techniques:</p><ul> <li class=\"style8\">Technique #1: No Opt Out. How to move students from the blank stare or stubborn shrug to giving the right answer every time.</li> <li class=\"style8\">Technique #35: Do It Again. When students fail to successfully complete a basic task&mdash;from entering the classroom quietly to passing papers around&mdash;doing it again, doing it right, and doing it perfectly, results in the best consequences.</li> <li class=\"style8\">Technique #38: No Warnings. If you\'re angry with your students, it usually means you should be angry with yourself. This technique shows how to effectively address misbehaviors in your classroom.</li></ul>

The Essential 55

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<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><span class=\"style7\">Features ofThe Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator\'s Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child</span><ul><li>When Ron Clark walked into his fifth-grade class in rural North Carolina, he was confronted with a tremendous challenge. </li> <li class=\"style8\">The children had little interest in learning, and were sorely lacking in guidance. </li> <li class=\"style8\">How would he transform a group of apathetic kids into disciplined, thoughtful, and curious students? He quickly realized that they needed to learn some basic rules.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Clark compiled a list of 55 lessons, and soon, his fifth-grade students-who once struggled to read at the third-grade level-were reading at the sixth-grade level . . . and loving it. What\'s more, they were gaining something crucial-self-respect. </li> <li class=\"style8\">Those 55 lessons evolved into what Clark calls The Essential 55-guidelines for living and interacting with others The Essential 55 will prepare parents and educators to teach students the rules for life-everything from knowing how to say thank you, to acing an interview.</li></ul>

How To Have A Brilliant Life

Market Price : 650
Offer Price : 450
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<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><body class=\"style7\"><p>Features of How to Have a Brilliant Life: Put a little bit more in Get so much more out</p><ul> <li> <span class=\"style8\">A brand new edition of the classic personal development title that has already helped thousands of people discover balance, happiness and fulfilment in their lives.</span></li> <li class=\"style8\"> Available for the first time as a mass-market paperback, this fully revised and updated edition will bring Michael&rsquo;s proven, unique and life-changing &lsquo;Brilliant Life&rsquo; plan to a whole new audience.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Michael Heppell has a developed a huge following since the publication of Flip It in 2009.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> His profile is set to rocket further in 2011 as publicity surrounding his latest How To Save An Hour Every Day hits TV, Radio and print media during the Spring and Summer.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Practical tools and simple techniques show clearly how anybody can put their valuable time and energy to work in the most important areas of their lives.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Written in Michael&rsquo;s characteristically upbeat, positive, down to earth and witty style How To Have A Brilliant Life covers every aspect of life from friendships and finances to health, careers and happiness and shows readers what they can do to make every piece work that little bit better.</li></ul>

Teaching With Emotional Intelligence

Market Price : 2920
Offer Price : 2420
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Shiiping Charge : 50
<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><body class=\"style7\"><p class=\"style7\">Features of Teaching with Emotional Intelligence: A Step-By-Step Guide for Higher and Further Education Professionals</p><ul> <li class=\"style8\">The way you handle your own emotions and those of others is central to the success of learning.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Teaching with Emotional Intelligence will show you how to manage this most potent but neglected area of learning. </li> <li class=\"style8\">Taking you step-by-step through the learning process, looking at the relationship from the perspectives of both the teacher and the learner, this book will help you.</li> <li class=\"style8\">learn how you relate to your learners </li> <li class=\"style8\">plan the emotional environment </li> <li class=\"style8\">listen to your learners effectively </li> <li class=\"style8\">read and respond to the feelings of individuals and groups </li> <li class=\"style8\">develop self-awareness as a teacher </li> <li class=\"style8\">recognize your prejudices and preferences </li> <li class=\"style8\">improve your nonverbal communication </li> <li class=\"style8\">acknowledge and handle your feelings </li></ul>

Going Corporate

Market Price : 310
Offer Price : 210
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Shiiping Charge : 50
<style type=\"text/css\"><!--.style7 { font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold;}.style8 {font-size: 14px}--></style><h1 class=\"style7\">Features of Going Corporate: A Geek\'s Guide</h1><ul> <li class=\"style8\">Going Corporate: A Geek\'s Guide shows technology workers how to gain the understanding and skills necessary for becoming an effective, promotable manager or sought-after consultant or freelancer. </li> <li class=\"style8\"> Technology professionals typically dive deeply into small pieces of technology like lines of code or the design of a circuit. </li> <li class=\"style8\">As a result, they may have trouble seeing the bigger picture and how their work supports an organization&rsquo;s goals. But ignoring or dismissing the business or operational aspects of projects and products can lead to career stagnation. </li> <li class=\"style8\">In fact, understanding the larger business environment is essential for those who want a management job, a consulting gig, or to one day start a business. </li> <li class=\"style8\">It&rsquo;s also essential for those who have been promoted and find themselves flailing for lack of a business education.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Going Corporate: A Geek\'s Guide to the rescue! This book is designed to help readers gain management skills, insight, and practical understanding of essential business and operational topics.</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Readers will learn to develop project and program management skills, deliver service efficiently and improve processes, implement governance, analyze financial statements, and much more. </li> <li class=\"style8\">After reading this book, technology professionals will understand such things as enterprise architecture, IT operations management, strategic and financial management and how each relates to the others. </li> <li class=\"style8\">Detailed case studies help cement an understanding of how an IT organization and its workers succeed in the 21st century. This book: </li> <li class=\"style8\">The skills and knowledge it takes to be an effective project, program, or mid-level manager, in-demand consultant or even a C-level executive </li> <li class=\"style8\"> How your current job fits into the bigger picture </li> <li class=\"style8\"> What your organization must do to create customers and make a profit </li> <li class=\"style8\"> How good governance turns strategy into effective action </li> <li class=\"style8\"> How understanding finances corporate or departmental can help unlock business potential </li> <li class=\"style8\"> The tools necessary for making sound operational decisions</li> <li class=\"style8\"> Workers in the technology trenches wondering how to improve career potential </li> <li class=\"style8\"> Technology professionals aiming for management positions </li> <li class=\"style8\"> Fresh graduates starting a career in the corporate world </li> <li class=\"style8\"> Recently promoted managers with little or no business education </li> <li class=\"style8\"> Students in technical or business programs.</li></ul>